Renoise 2.1 beta testing starts.

2009-04-16 by

as you can read here, Renoise 2.1 has entered beta phase.

The most exciting new feature in Renoise 2.1 is Rewire support, on Win/Mac side, and JACK Transport support, on Linux side, which will allow Renoise to fully communicate with other applications which adhere to the same standards; Logic, Reaper, Sonar to name a few.

Renoise site

FBY music collection

2009-04-15 by

If you are a tracker user since the 90’s, you probably know FBY, alias Fabio Barzagli, one of the most reknown music makers in the demoscene of that times.

here he has released the complete collection of his music made with Amiga and PC trackers in the 80’s and the 90’s, also available in mp3 format.

as a sample, here you can list to “Jazzin”, a .MOD made with Commodore Amiga on 1995 with 4 tracks.. brilliant!

Download MP3 (0:00min, 3MB)

FBY Music Collection

New song by It-Alien: "Dance of Fallen Angels"

2009-04-13 by

another chapter of the album has just been released:

Dance of Fallen Angels. This is where the whole idea really starts to get developed, fusing the main theme with several release moments.

download the song here
download the song here (OGG format)

Renoise 2.0 gets reviewed by Computer Music Magazine (UK), rated 10/10

2009-04-10 by

the full review is available here.

funny how we didn’t know anything about this review until a CM reader noticed us.

Renoise site
CM site

"Il Dolore delle Rondini" podcasted at

2009-04-04 by, an online radio which promotes Creative Commons licensed free music, such as mine, has scheduled my song “Il Dolore delle Rondini” for podcasting on their April, the 10th show.

Thanks to Luca Bianco for choosing me!

Download MP3 (0:00min, 29MB) site
"Il Dolore delle Rondini" album page

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