It-Alien & Centerbe live

2009-08-16 by

on August 27th and 28th, me and my friend Antonio “Centerbe” Iandolo are going to perform two different live acts in the nearby.

the first one will be held at Carlo Gesualdo theater in Avellino, Italy, which is our city. the performance will be part of Flussi electronic music festival. we are going to perform some standard electronic live performance; after all, we have been scheduled because another artist performance has been canceled :)

on August 28th, instead, we will perform a more interesting experiment: I own a Theremin, one of the first electronic instruments ever, which main peculiarity is that it does not have to be touched in order to be played; this will allow us to create a “musical environment”, in which the audience, which will actually be attending to a wine&food tasting at Fiano Music Festival, will interact with the music by simply “being there”. The sound coming from the Theremin and a microphone will be translated into MIDI messages and used in conjuction with other instruments to create an unusual background music for the event.

Flussi Festival
Flussi Festival, our 08/27 live set place
Fiano Music Festival
Fiano Music Festival, our 08/28 live set place