La Mela di Odessa - Open Week

2010-09-25 by

La scuola di musica “La Mela di Odessa”, sita in via Serafino Soldi ad Avellino, presenta una settimana di workshop dedicàti all’insegnamento della musica sotto diverse forme.

Qui è possibile scaricare il programma in formato PDF.

Vi segnàlo per martedì 28, alle ore 18:30, il workshop Introduzione a Renoise, music tracker di terza generazione. , nel quale verrà presentato il programma Renoise che da 10 anni utilizzo per la mia musica e alla cui realizzazione collaboro dallo stesso tempo.

Pagina facebook dell'evento
Sito Renoise
MySpace Mela di Odessa
PDF programma Open Week

New album: "New Home"

2010-09-13 by

This is my 14th self-produced album.

It is a collection of songs loosely inspired by my new home.

It features 5 songs, ranging from jazz to space rock, from piano solo to avant-prog.

It can be downloaded for free on Jamendo or

  Catalogo professionale di musica libera

Album page on Jamendo
Download and listen for free on
Album page on
Download and listen for free on

New song By It-Alien: "Night Creatures"

2010-09-11 by

OGG version (HIQ, 14.2MB OGG from

MP3 version (MEDQ, 12.3MB MP3 from

Hi all, I’m back again with a new song: “Night creatures”.

well, I’m not really back, since I’m avant :)

this song is indeed my first “Avant-prog” song, a mixture of chamber music and progressive rock which describes an imaginary nightly exploration through my backyard.

As you can imagine, it can be both a sweet and creepy experience..

Download MP3 (13:04min, 12MB)

OGG version
download OGG version of the song
MP3 version
download MP3 version of the song

New photoset: "fuori fuoco" ("out of focus")

2010-09-04 by

in this new amateur photoset, the pictures get meaning by movement and blur, or at least they try to..

Out of focus preview

It is available here (it is a Facebook link, but you don’t need to be a Facebook user or a friend of mine to see them).

Link to photoset
Public link on Facebook of this photoset (6 pictures)