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Mi piace quello che penso,
cioè che penso quello che mi piace.
Mi dico che quello che penso è mitico.

Penso mi piaccia quello che dico:
dico quello che mi piace, cioè quello che mi pare,
o almeno così mi pare.

Pensare mi piace, penso.
Dire mi fa pensare. Pensare mi fa dire.
Far pensare mi piace.
Far piacere mi fa piacere, ma non mi piace farmi piacere.

Qualcuno dal pubblico mi dice infatti: “facci il piacere”.
A mio parere, è stato un piacere.

New song by It-Alien: "Lavender Town Syndrome"

2015-05-24 by

an unexpected return to my good old unbearable genre mixtures..

mixing this beast was a nightmare. I doubt that you will get any decent sounding out of this song on mobile devices speakers

Download Media (11:04min, 2048MB)

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requires Renoise 3.0+

It-Alien - Looking Forward

2014-09-27 by

A short musical thought is I can express right now (2’‘35”, piano solo)

Download MP3 (2:40min, 2048MB)

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New song by It-Alien: "Schizopodia"

2014-05-03 by

Hi all,

this is a new song by me, called “Schizopodia”

An evolving soundscape through a rarefact environment.

Close your eyes for a better (or worse) experience.

Download Media (9:40min, 11MB)

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New song by It-Alien: "Mind Layers"

2014-01-18 by

A new song by me has been released: “Mind Layers”.

It is a dark ambient composition in which many layers combine almost cyclically in order to generate a complex continuous flux.

the song has been made using Renoise 3.0 and the project file (XRNS format) can be downloaded from the link below.

you can also listen to the song on SoundCloud:

Download MP3 (4:04min, 2048MB)

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XRNS (Renoise 3.0+)
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