New song by It-Alien: "Funeral"

2009-08-18 by

The suite “Devil’s Stare” has come to an end.
I can’t believe I have managed to complete this huge 23+ minutes beast!

Made of 142 unique patterns, 19 tracks, 71 columns, it had entertained me since the beginning of the year, and now completes with the release of “Funeral”, a dark and intricate finale.

Download the 6th and last part in OGG format from the link below; also, the whole suite has been released as a single OGG file which is available clicking the link below.

I will release this suite as an album on Jamendo.

Funeral (OGG version)
Download "Funeral" in OGG format
Whole suite in a single OGG file
Whole "Devil's Stare" suite in a single OGG file (nearly 26MB)

New song: "Ashes"

2009-07-31 by

as a logical consequence of the previous chapter, “Flames”, a new song has just been released by me: Ashes (3’05”, Contemporary classical, OGG format)

Download "Ashes" in OGG format

New song by It-Alien: "Flames"

2009-05-24 by

the fourth chapter of “Devil’s Stare” has been released; download it here (5’49”, Classical).

download Flames in OGG format

New song by It-Alien: "Dance of Fallen Angels"

2009-04-13 by

another chapter of the album has just been released:

Dance of Fallen Angels. This is where the whole idea really starts to get developed, fusing the main theme with several release moments.

download the song here
download the song here (OGG format)