It-Alien - Printer Music

2012-08-19 by

Hi all,

this is something pretty unusual for me: using chiptune sounds.

I have already done this in the past, always ending making something weird and different than chiptune music.
this one comes to no exception..

While listening, imagine one of those old dot matrix printers magically starting to create music with its components..

MP3 (2858 Kb)

XRNS (643 Kb, requires Renoise 2,8+ to play)

Hint for the XRNS version only:
wait for the little surprise at the end.. ;)

Download MP3 (2:45min, 2048MB)

Link to MP3 version
Link to XRNS version
requires Renoise 2.8+ to play

New song by It-Alien: "Onde Theta (Theta Waves)"

2012-07-02 by

A new song of mine has just been released.

I don’t know exactly under which genre this song could be filed, anyway it mixes space rock, psychedelic, ambient and dance music together.

I have released the song in both MP3 and XRNS (Renoise 2.8+ needed) formats:

MP3 (11008 KB)

XRNS (2947 KB)

watch out for your ears at the end of the song ;)

PS: also available on .

Download MP3 (11:20min, 2048MB)

Link to MP3 version
11009 KB
Link to XRNS version
2947 KB