It-Alien - Devil's Stare

2009-04-03 by

With this post I introduce a new project of mine: “Devil’s Stare”, a new classical concept album based on the idea of a visitor in a museum who, while walking through the painting showing not so much interest, gets stuck in front of a painting on a corner of which, the face of a devil starts looking at him.

The first two parts get released today:
“Entering Hell’s Doors”

“Devil’s Stare”

enjoy, and beware..

Entering Hell's Doors (OGG)
Download "Entering Hell's Doors" in OGG format
Devil's Stare (OGG)
Download "Devil's Stare" in OGG format

Jamendo vs., a comparison from an artist's side

2009-04-01 by

My friend Jenner Fusari alias NeuRoTiX has made an interesting analysis of his experience with Jamendo and as his promotion platforms.

In his article, he shows how Jamendo has given more attention to his music, despite having much less visibility than, and also describes how Jamendo cares to involve the artist in self-promotion.

NeuRoTiX site
Article link
Jamendo site site

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