new song by It-Alien: "(Can't say) Goodbye"

2010-01-31 by

a new song by me has been released. Actually, this is a new version of a song made on year 2000.

10 years later, it suited my thoughts again..

download OGG version

(2’40”, piano solo)

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Download MP3 (2:40min, 3MB)

OGG version
the song in OGG format
MP3 version
the song in MP3 format

new song by It-Alien: "A Persuasive Wait"

2010-01-06 by

a new song by me has just been released; it is a jazz song called “A Persuasive Wait”.

Enjoy, and imagine..

Download MP3 (7:37min, 7MB)

Download in OGG format
Download in MP3 format