La Femme et le Chien

2008-11-15 by

A jazz quartet song (Piano, doublebass, drums and trumpet) dedicated to Beep (la Femme, the Woman) and Mucca (le Chien, the Dog).

Download MP3 (5:10min, 5MB)

"La Caduta di una Foglia" broadcasted by Msk

2008-11-09 by

My song “La Caduta di una Foglia” has been selected by gagge, alias Msk, for his podcast and radio broadcast at party934.

Msk Podcast
Party934 radio

Life 2.0

2008-11-01 by

Demosong for Renoise 2.0. An electronic rock song with a strong progressive flavour.

Download MP3 (5:10min, 5MB)

OGG version
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