Renoise 2.6 final is available

2010-11-06 by

Renoise 2.6 has been released to the public.

A detailed explanation of the new features is avaialbe here.

Let me focus on one: scripting.

Since version 2.6, users wil lbe able to create their own extensions to Renoise, similarly to how it happens in successful browsers such as Firefox and Chrome and in many other more professional softwares.

Everyone is invited to join the party of coding new tools for Renoise, or just to be an user of them. Take a look at the Tools page which showcases the tools which have already been created by the community; you will also find all the information needed to start coding your own.

Another detailed review made by is available here

Renoise homepage
Renoise homepage
2.6 features
2.6 features explained
Renoise 2.6 review
Renoise 2.6 review at
LUA homepage
the site of the language used to make scripts in Renoise
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a site where to find more info and examples about Renoise tools