Facebook and Me

2009-11-12 by

I have been adviced since a long time to join the fantastic Facebook social network:
many friends, my girlfriend and some workmates did so, but I always rejected the idea because to me it all appeared like a complete mess, an unusable maze of flash-running useless info, never-ending debates which however suddenly die without a conclusion, and all in all a stupid container of containers, which themselves contained mostly ideas and items produced by pop-culture, to which people adhere or refuse by heart.
Also, it easily became evident that, when the standard media understood the social power of Facebook (several months later than the Internet itself did, as always), it turned into an endless source of non-news such as “Shocking news! A pro-nazi group has been created on Facebook, counting more than 1,000 people!”, which actually means: “We are giving attention to a bunch of idiot teens like there have always been, but Facebook gave them the chance to be finally noticed by the world”. But what’s even worse is the birth of what I call the “impulsive groups”: if something happens or is about to happen, immediately groups pro or against this “something” start to grow, and people start to join them like mad, discuss, debate, struggle, argue.. then.. then another news arrives, and the loop restarts.

Then, 3 days ago, I noticed that Jamendo website created a Facebook application to easily share music on it, so I finally decided to join the network in order to spread my albums. First of all, I was disappointed to discover that the application was in fact just another way to say “Hey, look me! I’m fan of this! Look how I am cool!”, which obviously nobody cares of; then, I tried to created a so called “Business page” for my music, to discover that everything in Facebook is designed to be “created” and viewed by dummies: if you simply want to create a link, you have to load an application, or press some kind of hidden button, and so on. This can acutally be good for dummies, but sorry, I’m not one of them. I would like to actually integrate my Jamendo account into Facebook, to post my RSS feeds to it and by no mean I’m willing to use a “Facebook application” for that; also, I’m not willing to upload my music to a site which copyright policy is so doubtful. No, thanks.

Then I have tried to give a look at the Renoise users group in Facebook, which is exactly what I thought it was, id est: a ton of “Here I am” shouts, to which I added mine, some propaganda links, and that’s all; nothing compared to the enourmous amount of technical resources available on Renoise.com forums, which lead me to the last conclusion: Facebook is a grand mess of superficial, uncategorized information; although it may look highly categorized at first, you will NEVER end in finding something which is not available elsewhere, and everything which is not in the front page is dead and buried forever.

So, in the end, you are welcomed to be my friend on Facebook, if you are actually my friend, and you are welcomed to be a fan of my Facebook artist page, if you like my music, but don’t expect me to interact with that mess. Please respect my opinion.

I acknowledge this is too much words to be read by the standard Facebook reader, and that’s part of the problem.

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