Bovine Music Show to play "La femme et le chien" on June 1st 2010

2010-05-24 by

Again, Bovine Music Show will play a song of mine on its weekly podcast.

This time, the choosen song is La femme et le chien, a quite minimalist jazz quartet (piano, trumpet, upright bass, drums).

Bovine Music Show site

"Bovine Music Show" plays "Dimenticare" on February, 24th 2010

2010-02-15 by

Bovine Music Show will play my song Dimenticare in its selection on February, 24th 2010.

Thanks fro your interest in my music, guys!

"Bovine Music Show" site
"Bovine Music Show" site
Download "Dimenticare"
Download "Dimenticare" in MP3 format from
"Waiting", the album featuring "Dimenticare"
"Waiting", the album featuring "Dimenticare"