New song by It-Alien: "Schizopodia"

2014-05-03 by

Hi all,

this is a new song by me, called “Schizopodia”

An evolving soundscape through a rarefact environment.

Close your eyes for a better (or worse) experience.

Download Media (9:40min, 11MB)

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New song by It-Alien: "Mind Layers"

2014-01-18 by

A new song by me has been released: “Mind Layers”.

It is a dark ambient composition in which many layers combine almost cyclically in order to generate a complex continuous flux.

the song has been made using Renoise 3.0 and the project file (XRNS format) can be downloaded from the link below.

you can also listen to the song on SoundCloud:

Download MP3 (4:04min, 2048MB)

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New song by It-Alien: "Thought (2013 version)"

2013-12-22 by

a new song by me has just been released: “Thought”.

it will be featured as demosong for Renoise 3.0, which has just entered beta stage (for registered users only).

it is a mixture of so many electronic genres that I’m bored to list them.. just expect abrupt and continue changes in time and mood as always..

the song can be donwloaded in MP3 and XRNS (requires Renoise 3.0 or above) formats, and you can also listen to it on SoundCloud:

download "Thought" in MP3 format from
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list to "Thought" on SoundCloud

New song by It-Alien: "Strange Feelings"

2013-08-31 by

(very) loosely based on experimental electronic song of mine created back on 1997.

almost completely new, but still strange.

also available on Soundcloud:

Download MP3 (4:58min, 2048MB)

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It-Alien - Samba Camorani

2013-04-12 by

This song was originally made on 1997 with the help of Gianpietro Camorani.

Now he has turned 40, so this revised version is dedicated to him.

Download MP3 (4:50min, 4MB)

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