"A comet passing by" selected for podcasting at remixta.net

2010-10-13 by

My song “A comet passing by” from album “New Home” has been selected as opening song in episode 10 of Remixta podcast. Remixta is a selection of songs made with Renoise, the music composition software I use.

Thanks to estonian DJ Suva, the man behind Remixta, for choosing my song.

Also check out other Remixta episodes for some other free good music!

Remixta website

"La Femme et le chien" podcasted at Remixta.net Episode 4

2009-01-28 by

Remixta is a podcast broadcasting the selected music made with Renoise. My song “La Femme et le Chien” has been chosen for Remixta #4, a collection of the best songs produced with Renoise in 2008.

Remixta Podcast #4
Remixta Podcast #4
Renoise site
Renoise site
La Femme et le Chien
La Femme et le Chien download page