New song by It-Alien: "Everyday Magic"

2012-11-05 by

A new song by me has just been released: “Everyday Magic”.

I tend to look for a better everyday living, aiming at those little things that make my life better.

I’m not a dreamer; I don’t plan to reach a future happiness. I have reached quite a good equilibrium and I just try to keep it day by day.

This is what this song is about and I’d like to dedicate it to my girlfriend Francesca.

get the song in MP3 format here

also available on SoundCloud here

Download MP3 (5:13min, 2048MB)

download the song in MP3 format

New Album: "Parallel Thoughts"

2005-09-03 by

A new album by me is out: “Parallel Thoughts”.

An album featuring music continuously changing, evolving and leaving the listener to desire for more. It-Alien Anxiogenic at his best. Or worst.

Click on the cover below to download the album for free from Jamendo:


An excerpt of the album is available by clicking below. The song is called “Rationally Irrational”.

Download MP3 (12:15min, 11MB)

or get it from
you can also download it from