Swiss music provider Omnisonix selects It-Alien's music for airplay

2010-02-22 by

Omnisonix is a new Swiss music provider which streams music into public and private environments. Both commercial and free music are played.

Omnisonix selected my music for their catalogue, and I thank them for their interest, wishing them success for their project!

Omnisonix site
Jamendo, the site where Ominisonix found about my music

Renoise 2.5 demo now available to all users

2010-02-19 by

Renoise, the music software I use to compose music, has reached version 2.5 Release Candidate 1. As usual, RC versions are the first ones which are available to non registered users, id est: to everyone.

So, if you are interested in a radically different way to make music, give Renoise 2.5 a try!

Renoise 2.5 screenshot

Renoise site, Renoise site

"Bovine Music Show" plays "Dimenticare" on February, 24th 2010

2010-02-15 by

Bovine Music Show will play my song Dimenticare in its selection on February, 24th 2010.

Thanks fro your interest in my music, guys!

"Bovine Music Show" site
"Bovine Music Show" site
Download "Dimenticare"
Download "Dimenticare" in MP3 format from
"Waiting", the album featuring "Dimenticare"
"Waiting", the album featuring "Dimenticare"