New song by It-Alien: "Funeral"

2009-08-18 by

The suite “Devil’s Stare” has come to an end.
I can’t believe I have managed to complete this huge 23+ minutes beast!

Made of 142 unique patterns, 19 tracks, 71 columns, it had entertained me since the beginning of the year, and now completes with the release of “Funeral”, a dark and intricate finale.

Download the 6th and last part in OGG format from the link below; also, the whole suite has been released as a single OGG file which is available clicking the link below.

I will release this suite as an album on Jamendo.

Funeral (OGG version)
Download "Funeral" in OGG format
Whole suite in a single OGG file
Whole "Devil's Stare" suite in a single OGG file (nearly 26MB)

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