Unstoppable Time Gear (NeuRoTiX cover)

2008-07-25 by

I usually do not make covers, but this is an exception for a great song originally made on 1997 by my friend Jenner NeuRoTiX Fusari.

A dark electronic atmosphere, with lots of psychedelia.

Download MP3 (12:17min, 11MB)

OGG version
download the OGG version from napodano.com
XRNS version
download the XRNS (Renoise format) version from napodano.com

New Album: "Sit alone in a dark room"

2006-09-03 by

A new Album has been released: “Sit alone in a dark room”.

A collection of dark-oriented songs, ranging from progressive rock to contemporary classical.

Click on the cover below to download for free from Jamendo:


An excerpt from the album is available below (The song is “Symphony for a dead planet”)

Download MP3 (7:15min, 7MB)

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