Renoise 2.1 beta testing starts.

2009-04-16 by

as you can read here, Renoise 2.1 has entered beta phase.

The most exciting new feature in Renoise 2.1 is Rewire support, on Win/Mac side, and JACK Transport support, on Linux side, which will allow Renoise to fully communicate with other applications which adhere to the same standards; Logic, Reaper, Sonar to name a few.

Renoise site

Renoise 2.0 gets reviewed by Computer Music Magazine (UK), rated 10/10

2009-04-10 by

the full review is available here.

funny how we didn’t know anything about this review until a CM reader noticed us.

Renoise site
CM site

"La Femme et le chien" podcasted at Episode 4

2009-01-28 by

Remixta is a podcast broadcasting the selected music made with Renoise. My song “La Femme et le Chien” has been chosen for Remixta #4, a collection of the best songs produced with Renoise in 2008.

Remixta Podcast #4
Remixta Podcast #4
Renoise site
Renoise site
La Femme et le Chien
La Femme et le Chien download page

Renoise 2.0 released.

2009-01-15 by

Renoise 2.0 is out!

With over 100 features and improvements!

Also, a 20% discount (making the price as low as 39€) will be applicable until Jan 25, 2009.

Download Renoise

2.0.0 for Windows [14MB]

Life 2.0

2008-11-01 by

Demosong for Renoise 2.0. An electronic rock song with a strong progressive flavour.

Download MP3 (5:10min, 5MB)

OGG version
download the OGG version from

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