radio becomes payware

2009-03-26 by has announced that, since March the 30th, its radio streaming service will require a subscription fee of 3€/£/$ per month.

I’m not against pay sites; I acknowledge that running a site such as costs money and these money cannot be refund through advertising only, but what really bothers me is the fact that users from USA, UK and Germany will still not require paying, because in these 3 nations already pays its bills back through advertising and current subscriptions.

this idea is completely wrong in my opinion, discriminating and senseless.

A couple of better ideas would be:
a) let EVERYONE pay, and pay less (as low as 2€/month or 20€/year)
b) give the option to buy what you use, through pre-sold straming “packets” of 1,000 songs, for those people who do not make regular usage of radio. announcement
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