Renoise 2.1 released

2009-05-26 by

Renoise 2.1 final has just been released. The biggest new feature is Rewire support, both master and slave.

Read more here

Renoise site

Renoise 2.1 beta testing starts.

2009-04-16 by

as you can read here, Renoise 2.1 has entered beta phase.

The most exciting new feature in Renoise 2.1 is Rewire support, on Win/Mac side, and JACK Transport support, on Linux side, which will allow Renoise to fully communicate with other applications which adhere to the same standards; Logic, Reaper, Sonar to name a few.

Renoise site

Renoise 2.0 gets reviewed by Computer Music Magazine (UK), rated 10/10

2009-04-10 by

the full review is available here.

funny how we didn’t know anything about this review until a CM reader noticed us.

Renoise site
CM site

Imbuteria interviews It-Alien

2009-03-24 by

music enthusiast Imbuteria has interviewed me and published the result on various places, for example here. The interview is in italian, although it also quotes a brief introduction in english made by IMISound promotions, but don’t ask me for a translation because I’m lazy :)

Interview Link

Pay attention to what you are signing!

2009-01-21 by

Recently I have been contacted by an italian site looking for some “talents” to scout. Their self-entitled “artist director” has written lots of (generic) kind words about their project on the road to start, then he invited me to join it.

I was already suspicious when I entered the site, but when I read the contract agreement, I saw with a great surprise that the text was automatically translated from english to italian, with very funny results..

anyway, the contract stated, in this sort-of-hybrid language, that the contractor was going to authorize the site to publish the songs for any kind of use, and even to sublicense to third parties!

what did they give you in exchange? Promotion, of course! Hah!

when I asked for more infor about this (both the translation and the content of the contract) on their shoutbox, firstly they removed my messages and moderated the shoutbox, then they replied me saying “sorry?! we did not send you any contract..”

well, this is pretty ridicolous, isn’t it?

Always pay attention to what you are signing, at least give a good read at the crucial parts of the agreement!.

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