"Bovine Music Show" plays "Dimenticare" on February, 24th 2010

2010-02-15 by

Bovine Music Show will play my song Dimenticare in its selection on February, 24th 2010.

Thanks fro your interest in my music, guys!

"Bovine Music Show" site
"Bovine Music Show" site
Download "Dimenticare"
Download "Dimenticare" in MP3 format from last.fm
"Waiting", the album featuring "Dimenticare"
"Waiting", the album featuring "Dimenticare"

new song by It-Alien: "(Can't say) Goodbye"

2010-01-31 by

a new song by me has been released. Actually, this is a new version of a song made on year 2000.

10 years later, it suited my thoughts again..

download OGG version

(2’40”, piano solo)

download MP3 version (from last.fm)

Download MP3 (2:40min, 3MB)

OGG version
the song in OGG format
MP3 version
the song in MP3 format

new song by It-Alien: "A Persuasive Wait"

2010-01-06 by

a new song by me has just been released; it is a jazz song called “A Persuasive Wait”.

Enjoy, and imagine..

Download MP3 (7:37min, 7MB)

Download in OGG format
Download in MP3 format

New song by It-Alien: "Hands"

2009-12-03 by

A new song by me has just been released: it’s called “Hands”, and it is a two-faced song: the first one being classical, the second being jazz.

The song was initially meant to be the soundtrack for a video, but I totally lost control over it..

Download in OGG format
Download in OGG format from napodano.com

"Il Dolore delle Rondini" chosen as a soundtrack for Veroli Street Theatre promo video

2009-08-23 by

below you can look at the video which has been produced by Piergiorgio Mariniello to promote the 10th Street Artists Theatre in Veroli, Italy.

The video features my song “Il Dolore delle Rondini” as soundtrack. I thank him for choosing my song he found on Jamendo.com

Download MP3 (6:45min, 6MB)

youtube link to the video

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