New song By It-Alien: "Night Creatures"

2010-09-11 by

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Hi all, I’m back again with a new song: “Night creatures”.

well, I’m not really back, since I’m avant :)

this song is indeed my first “Avant-prog” song, a mixture of chamber music and progressive rock which describes an imaginary nightly exploration through my backyard.

As you can imagine, it can be both a sweet and creepy experience..

Download MP3 (13:04min, 12MB)

OGG version
download OGG version of the song
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download MP3 version of the song

New song by It-Alien: "A comet passing by"

2010-08-21 by

Hi, I’m here with a new song, a space rock one, similar to the ones I have made before that seem to have been quite acclaimed..

this song has been on my hard disk(s) for quite a long now, and has faced some big issues due to which I had to rewrite it from scratch, basing on a sketch OGG file i had, of course resulting into a totally different song in the end..

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New Album: "Life 2.0"

2009-12-08 by

a new album by me has just been released:
“Life 2.0”


This is my 13th self-produced album.

After two orchestral concepts, here it is again a collection of songs featuring different genres such as progressive rock, space rock and jazz, but still with a concept which relates them together: new life.

Here you can listen to a full-length preview of the song “Radical Changes”

Download MP3 (8:50min, 11MB)

"Life 2.0" at Jamendo
download "Life 2.0" at Jamendo

A couple of suggestions about unusual bands..

2009-02-14 by

I’m not going to try to convince anyone to listen to the bands I’m talking about in this post, rather I’m pointing the index to those who are fond of extremely complex and obscure music: I heartly advice you to listen to these bands:

  • Koenji Hyakkei, a japanese band which wonderfully fuses avant-progressive rock with obsessive rhythms and japanese madness;

  • Present, a belgian “rock in opposition” band always on the thread between madness and genius;

  • Univers Zero, an ensemble which performs intriguing instrumental songs close to chamber music.

if you know what Zeuhl music is, well, then I’m probably late with this advice, otherwise give their records a spin..

Life 2.0

2008-11-01 by

Demosong for Renoise 2.0. An electronic rock song with a strong progressive flavour.

Download MP3 (5:10min, 5MB)

OGG version
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