New album: "New Home"

2010-09-13 by

This is my 14th self-produced album.

It is a collection of songs loosely inspired by my new home.

It features 5 songs, ranging from jazz to space rock, from piano solo to avant-prog.

It can be downloaded for free on Jamendo or

  Catalogo professionale di musica libera

Album page on Jamendo
Download and listen for free on
Album page on
Download and listen for free on

new song by It-Alien: "A Persuasive Wait"

2010-01-06 by

a new song by me has just been released; it is a jazz song called “A Persuasive Wait”.

Enjoy, and imagine..

Download MP3 (7:37min, 7MB)

Download in OGG format
Download in MP3 format

New Album: "Life 2.0"

2009-12-08 by

a new album by me has just been released:
“Life 2.0”


This is my 13th self-produced album.

After two orchestral concepts, here it is again a collection of songs featuring different genres such as progressive rock, space rock and jazz, but still with a concept which relates them together: new life.

Here you can listen to a full-length preview of the song “Radical Changes”

Download MP3 (8:50min, 11MB)

"Life 2.0" at Jamendo
download "Life 2.0" at Jamendo

FourceLabs used "Dimenticare" as a soundtrack for "WaterLeven @ Galerie op de Rotte 2009" video

2009-12-04 by

as can be seen on FourceLabs, a dutch company producing interactive installations, has chosen my song the video on

"Dimenticare" song at

La Femme et le Chien

2008-11-15 by

A jazz quartet song (Piano, doublebass, drums and trumpet) dedicated to Beep (la Femme, the Woman) and Mucca (le Chien, the Dog).

Download MP3 (5:10min, 5MB)

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