New Album: "Devil's Stare"

2009-08-19 by

This is my 12th self-produced album. It is an orchestral suite based on the idea of a visitor in a museum who, while walking through the paintings showing not so much interest, gets stuck in front of a painting on a corner of which, the face of a devil starts looking at him.

The visitor feels like he is being “sucked” into the painting and a very strange and uncomfortable voyage begins..


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La Femme et le Chien

2008-11-15 by

A jazz quartet song (Piano, doublebass, drums and trumpet) dedicated to Beep (la Femme, the Woman) and Mucca (le Chien, the Dog).

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Life 2.0

2008-11-01 by

Demosong for Renoise 2.0. An electronic rock song with a strong progressive flavour.

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New album: "Il Dolore delle Rondini"

2008-09-03 by

A new album by me has been released: “Il Dolore delle Rondini” (“Swallow’s Pain”). It is a contemporary classical concept album about changes in humanity and nature.

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An excerpt from the album can be previewd here (this song is called “Return”):

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Unstoppable Time Gear (NeuRoTiX cover)

2008-07-25 by

I usually do not make covers, but this is an exception for a great song originally made on 1997 by my friend Jenner NeuRoTiX Fusari.

A dark electronic atmosphere, with lots of psychedelia.

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